Samuel Hurst ‘The Peoples Magician’ is one of the UK’s hottest and edgiest magicians. Hailing from Manchester, now living in London, his fifteen plus year career in magic has taken him everywhere from main-stage music festivals to private jets, luxury yachts, and prime-time television. Sam has toured with major rock bands and A-list Hollywood stars as their private entertainment. He’s been featured on many network television shows including BBC, Sky and ITV.

Sam got the bug for magic at 12 years old, completely self-taught, which makes his work entirely unique. He started working outside nightclubs on the streets, picking up a trail of followers, fans and promoters along the way. He moved on to become head magician at the UK’s first magic bar. He has since then lectured, tutored, and consulted for some of the world’s top magicians (can’t name names, but you know them!). Sam mixes an ascorbic and very dark humour with humble charm and mind-blowing close-up and stage-magic. With his long hair, sharp on-trend attire, and wry smile Sam is a unique character with a personable approach. Utilising classic music hall showmanship, he is a true blend of traditional entertainment and contemporary style.

Find him, catch him, and he will become your magical best friend. That is why he is ‘The People’s Magician’.